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For more on this, check out our Ledger documentation. As part of the transaction validation step performed by the peers, each validating peer checks to make sure that the transaction contains the appropriate number of endorsements and that they are from the expected sources both of these are specified in the endorsement policy. However, there are cases where it may be necessary for a particular state a particular key-value pair, in other words to have a different endorsement policy.

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This state-based endorsement allows the default chaincode-level endorsement policies to be overridden by a different policy for the specified keys. To illustrate the circumstances in which these two types of endorsement policies might be used, consider a channel on which cars are being exchanged.


To see how to set a chaincode-level endorsement policy, check out the section below. If the car requires a specific endorsement policy, it can be defined either when the car is created or afterwards. There are a number of reasons why it might be necessary or preferable to set a state-specific endorsement policy. The car might have historical importance or value that makes it necessary to have the endorsement of a licensed appraiser. In both cases, an endorsement policy is required for a particular asset that is different from the default endorsement policies for the other assets associated with that chaincode.

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Chaincode-level endorsement policies can be specified at instantiate time using either the SDK for some sample code on how to do this, click here or in the peer CLI using the -P switch followed by the policy. A new organization added to the channel after instantiation can query a chaincode provided the query has appropriate authorization as defined by channel policies and any application level checks enforced by the chaincode but will not be able to execute or endorse the chaincode.

The endorsement policy needs to be modified to allow transactions to be committed with endorsements from the new organization.

Principals are described as 'MSP. Setting regular chaincode-level endorsement policies is tied to the lifecycle of the corresponding chaincode.

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They can only be set or modified when instantiating or upgrading the corresponding chaincode on a channel. In contrast, key-level endorsement policies can be set and modified in a more granular fashion from within a chaincode.

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The modification is part of the read-write set of a regular transaction. Either method will generate a binary version of the endorsement policy that can be consumed by the basic shim API. All company, product and service names used are for identification purposes only. Use of these names, logos, and brands does not imply endorsement. SRT lets every sim racer quickly acquire, analyze and review detailed telemetry data from sim racing games.

The system records all available telemetry data during timed laps and presents them on simple and intuitive interfaces: drivers can analyze data by looking at bare numbers, interactive charts or projected on a reconstructed track. SRT is the right tool to improve the in-game performance of any sim racer, as real telemetry tools do for real drivers.

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