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We'll also tell you everything you need to know about the sale such as when it starts, how to find the best deals, and what retailers are participating. OLED short for organic light-emitting diode screens offer brighter images and also deeper blacks than your average 4K set. This is possible because of the individual cells behind the screen that can turn each LED on or off individually. Prices are coming down all the time though, especially on the inch and inch models.

Good thing we're here to show you the lowest prices, right?

Ok, you're sat down right? As with any top tech, prices will start to drop more eventually, but even non-OLED TVs of this size shoot up drastically in price compared to their smaller siblings. You could always move the sofa closer to your TV. There you go, saved you a few grand right there. An excellent price for a QLED TV, this refurbished model means the product has been tested and inspected to function and appear like new. View Deal.

This TV has so much to offer! You can check your email or browse the internet with this amazing tv. One of my favorite features is that it is controllable via the Google Assistant!

I love that!! Oh and the back of the tv has a glass construction! I love that it has a brilliant, crisp and clear picture which is thanks to the advanced color enhancer and the true color accuracy pro. You can also use your smartphone to connect to the tv and it comes with a Magic Remote that you can speak into to find your channels and programs.

I wasted no time unboxing the television and immediately had it mounted on the wall. From that point it was love at first sight. Watching Game of Thrones and sporting events created an amazing experience. The HDMI arc functionality is awesome and setting up the magic remote to control all of my devices make the experience that much better.

I completely and totally would recommend this television to anyone in the market for a new TV and LG hit it out of the park with this one. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion. I got my C9 about a month ago and it has done nothing but destroy me. I've been fired from my job, my wife left me and my family has prepared an intervention. I just can't stop watching all my old movies and shows the way the director, and God, intended!

They're not the brightest of TVs but the contrast and color is among the best I've seen. Great bachelor tv, or you will be afterwards at least.

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The picture is absolutely gorgeous. Watching in Dolby Vision is a feast for the eyes. Even P looks incredible. The internal audio is better than most, but not jaw dropping like the picture.

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I do feel that I need to be extra careful with this TV. On the flip side the thin screen looks fantastic even when the set is turned off. I did a lot of research before buying this Then I saw it on display in a store. After that I knew I had to have it. All in all, I am very pleased with my purchase.


The picture quality is outstanding i. My son then checked the cable box and said we needed to update the box to receive 4k programming. Comcast exchanged the box no additional cost. The sound was good but not great my old TV was hooked through a surround sound system. I decided to switch from multi speaker surround sound to a Vizio sound bar with sub woofer. After hooking up the sound bar, the voice and picture were out of sync sound was slightly delayed.

Thought it was caused by the sound bar so contacted Vizio. When I contacted LG support, I was connected quickly with a polite tech who connected directly into our TV, changed a sound setting and we were done…took less than five minutes! I can now state first hand LG builds a quality product and equally important has a terrific support team. Thanks LG. This product is breaking many gates The physical aspect of it is just stunning.

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It saves space. So basically what you have here is a 4k oled television with an entertainment center plus a speaker. The size of the screen is very thin but big and beautiful. I wont lie i always thought sony and samsung were the best and then LG was next in line but now that i seen this TV and its Good Job LG for claiming the title for !!!!!!!!!

LG, it looks like a great TV but can you give a real timeline of when it will be available for sale in the US? I bought my first OLED almost 2 years ago and the quality or the build and picture always amaze me. LG is a great brand! I'm completely blown away with how beautiful the design is. I just bought it last month, and I love everything about it, and is best picture I have ever seen so far, if you want to buy the best tv on the market, this is the one to buy!!! Terrific and unique tv the best in themarket, congratulations!!!!

This wall paper TV is amazing. I bought it about 3 weeks ago , the picture is absolutely great and more features than I will ever use. I never had a high end TV , I always bought last year's model.

The best OLED TV deals ahead of Black Friday: 55in, 65in, 77in

LG W9 is the future now and the sound bar is so cool with the pop up speakers. The only reason I gave 4 stars and not 5 is that for the price it should have come with the extender cable. I had to order one and have been waiting 3 weeks now for it to be shipped and yes the cable is expensive. Once the Again you will not find a better picture anywhere with a futuristic sound bar.

Thanks LG for something I thought I would ever own. This is not a television. The OLED 8k 88' is a movie theatre in search of the right home.

deals on oled tvs Deals on oled tvs
deals on oled tvs Deals on oled tvs
deals on oled tvs Deals on oled tvs
deals on oled tvs Deals on oled tvs
deals on oled tvs Deals on oled tvs

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