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Conflicts can actually have positive outcomes because they provide opportunities to improve.

CNA has been around since and is one of the oldest retailers to date. They currently have more than stores nationwide. This also allowed Edgars and Jet account holders to use their cards to purchase from CNA on credit, thereby enjoying easy payment terms.

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CNA stocks thousands of products that are not only entertaining, but informative as well. Their range includes reading, writing, learning, interactive and many more products for all requirements. The retail chain also has a variety of promotions throughout the year, keep your eyes out for great CNA specials, competitions and other promotions. Books: This includes a range of fiction, non-fiction, kids as well as ebooks. CNA also provides a range of book specials throughout the year. Games: CNA offers a range of games and games specials for all gaming enthusiasts.

Electronics: CNA also offers a range of electronics. This includes audio visual equipment, computer hardware, photography equipment, handheld devices, navigational devices and much more. Toys: CNA prides itself in providing a range of quality toys. This includes baby toys, girls toys, boys toys, learning toys, puzzles and other educational items.

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Stationary: CNA offers a variety of stationary for every need. May it be back to school stationery, office stationary or stationery for the home- CNA has it all. Guzzle showcases a range of CNA specials and current deals.

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Browse CNA catalogues online to find that perfect deal for you. We are only showing branches near you. Click here to view the full list. Address: Shop no. Address: Gateway Theatre of Shopping, No. Browse Category select category. Ceiling Ceiling Tiles Cornice.

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Men's Shoes Boots. Women's Shoes Sandals Slippers. But I recommend all nurses work as a CNA for at least a year. In my experience you can tell the nurses who have worked as aides before. And they tend to be the ones who help pick up the slack when someone calls off. Marie, I agree with you about loving your job and what you do.

I am currently trying to find a place local to me so that I can get my CNA certificate. I was a personal caregiver for several years and loved it. Thank you for your 13 years as a CNA! I am sure that all of your patients love you and so greatly appreciate the care that you give them daily. We should care for the elderly or sick because we could get sick on day and need the assistance from others and we are all definitely going to grow old and need care.

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Will the renewal process affect the CNA license or does the employer terminates the job position? With a OWI or DUI, the department of human services will review the paperwork sent in by your employer you applied to work for. One thing to look into tho immediately if you live some distance away from your job….. Apply now! As a young girl i knew i wanted to take care of others!

I recieved my CNA licence in and have worked in 3 facilities!

I loved my job and i loved my residents, although at times it can be emotionally stressful being understaffed and feeling overwhelmed with how much there is to do. My last job…. When i saw our new D. N verbally abuse a resident, i surely shared my concerns! Nothing was done, so, i took further action!

I was told i was fired because i caused a hostile environment!

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I may sound a tad harsh, but i find that people working as hard as i did and actually take the time to care properly and not quickly, that this is illeagal as all get out! I could care less about my feelings and what happened to me…. Thank you for letting me vent! I was terminated from my last job for leaving a resident in a front chair about 2 or 3 minutes before taking off her clothes and walking her to the shower bench. The resident got up and fell down and recieved several injuries. Will i be able to get another cna job for what happened to the resident. I accidently left a resident in the shower because another Cna was pulling on me and begging me to help get people up for dinner and I did not go back for 15 minutes and another cna had gotten them out.

Will I ever be able to do the work I love ever again? I had already given my two weeks notice to get out of there.

There was only a week left on my notice when this happened? I have worked in the Medical field since until I was a CNA a couple of times. I was a Patient Care Technician. After I retired from the hospital I decided to work a while longer in a nursing home to save some money to travel with my husband. After about a year I turned in my resignation a month in advance. Two weeks later I was assisting a patient to the commode.

Upon helping her back to her wheelchair she slipped out of the wheelchair and I was fired on the spot. I was traveling when I received a phone call that I needed an attorney to save my license.

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We were gone for 9 weeks and I did not pursue it when I returned. I am now in a position that I need to return to work and my question is can I take the CNA course or the tests and get new license. I really need to know. I love working with people and have always been a hard worker and took very good care of my patients.

About the resident who stood up from a chair and fell down and received several injuries. I was let go from my job , but no charges of any kind were filed. So would my background check be ok, because I am trying to find another CNA position. These Filipinos consider you a threat to their laid back habit and gets you fired.

The same applies to Filipino DON director of nursing , who will fire you because you said something about how the residents are treated. It is disheartening to see this go on in a nursing facility. Name required. Email will not be published required. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

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