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The Colourama is where you go to change your Moshi! The Colorama is the shop where Members can change the colour of their monster! Every color change costs Rox, and there are over a million possible combinations of colours to pick. You can change your monster's body, boots and eyes here as well. Diavlo's Duds is where you dress your Diavlo. One of the shops in the Monstro City Marketplace a shopping center that specializes in clothing , it is owned by a fiery red and coal-black Diavlo and it sells small clothes, mostly appropriate for a Diavlo!

The shop does stock other types of clothing so you may still want to check it out even if you do not have a Diavlo The 'Do It Yourself Shop' is located off of Sludge street and sells a variety of wallpapers, doors, windows and floors of different designs. The current owner is Dewy, a red monster who prefers uncleanliness. The DIY shop is known for its many objects, interesting doors and wallpaper, and elegant flooring. Dodgy Deals can pay off big or cost you plenty!

You have the option to 'Take a Chance' in dealing with him, a special transaction during which he shows multiple cards, with each bearing a different percentages on it. Located off of Sludge Street, this is a pretty important place in the game, because it is where you must go in order to become a Super Moshi! Inside is a code wheel that you will use to become a Super Moshi -- once you get the clues from other monsters that will allow you to decipher the code SLM that is!

100+ Moshi Monster Secret Codes

One of the shops located in the Monstro City Marketplace off Sludge Street specializing in fashion and accessories, Furi Fashion is owned by a Furi -- of course -- and stocks a large assortment of items that appeal to Furis! Note that the items in this store are particularly expensive. It is fun to give and to receive. Gift Island is for members only. You reach from the port and you go by ferry. You can give your registered friends gifts and a message if you like -- as the gifts are short animations that include a message with them At the far end of the island is the boat you can use to travel to The Port, which is also a restricted zone.

The Googenheim is where the Art is! Googenheim Art Gallery is where Monsters show of their art to win Rox. Located on Ooh La Lane you cannot miss it!

Destinations in the World of Moshi Monsters - Moshi Monsters Guide

The Grossery Store has Food and Drinks for you! The Grossery Store is a building on Main Street where you can buy food and drinks for your monster. Owned by Snozzle Wobbleson -- a being who is renown for his clumsy movement -- it is the go-to place for obtaining food and drinks for your monster, something you will want to do on a daily basis! The Department Store for Moshi!

Moshi Monsters for PC Cheats - Moshi Monsters Codes - Moshi Monsters Cheat Codes

Horrods yes, it is the spoofed name of THAT store is one of the shops on Sludge Street owned by Mizzzz Snoots -- originally it was open to the public, but in January of the owner closed it to the public, allowing only members to shop there as its exclusive clientele. Horrods sells rare items and understandably most items are expensive there because of that -- but if you are seeking something expensive and rare to show off in your home, you can hardly do better than to pop on in to Horrods and see what they have laying around, right? It stocks many of the rarest items in the game, so if you got the Rox, why not spend them?

The Ice-Scream Shop Challenge!

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Located on Ooh La Lane, the Ice-Scream Shop is where you get the job of ice-scream maker -- which entails you making the ice-scream ordered by each of hte customers before their patience runs out! There are different flavors, toppings, and cones to keep track of and put together -- so go check that out and make yourself some Rox why don't you? Katsuma Klothes is where you dress your Katsuma.

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  • Owned by a Katsuma of course , it has almost everything that your Katsumas could want! Kung-Fu outfits are a specialty, and as that is the fascination of Katsumas everywhere, how could you go wrong buying some? Luvli Looks is where you dress your Luvli. Another of the specialty clothing stores in the Monstro City Marketplace, Luvli Looks is owned by a flying Luvli in default colours and specializes in clothing for that species. Main Street is a good place to meet and be met!

    The gateway to real life Moshi Swag! This is not so much a destination in the Moshi world as it is a convenient place to get all of your Moshi Merchandise -- think of it as the Merch Booth for Moshi World! You can get here by clicking the Shop Link off of the game page -- and on this page you can score some very spiffy collectible merchandise in real life with just a few mouse-clicks Your parents know you have their credit card, right?? Planting Seeds is the best way to get Moshlings! Moshling Garden is where any gamer can go to plant different seeds and try tp capture a Moshling or two to take home with them as a pet!

    The rarer Moshling can only be captured if you use the correct seeds -- so be sure to read that part of the guide before you start to plant so you have predictable results!

    Moshi Monsters contains examples of...

    Once you capture your Moshling be sure that you click it to keep it -- it will go into your room automatically! Basic-Members can have up to 2 Moshlings in their room at any time, while Paid-Members can have up to 6 Moshling in thier rooms -- plus more at the Zoo, which is a restricted area! When you visit the Garden you can find a trapped Moshling on the right side of the screen -- clicking it frees it, and allows you to take it as a pet if you like Buying your Seeds is the first step to getting Moshlings!

    Obviously this is where you will get many of the seeds that you will be planting in the Garden, right? Ooh La Lane is packed with Moshi Activities. Ooh La Lane is a street in Monstro City, added to the game in October of , that features the following:. Paws and Claws has instant Moshling Goodness on Sale! Restricted Area Located in The Port. The store for all clothes Poppet -- and one of the six in the Marketplace -- if you need to dress up your Poppet this is the place to go!

    The Crossroads of Member Benefits!

    The Port is a place where members can go that serves as a sort of shopping mall destination, containing the specialty stores that members may want to visit to purchase special items and obtain exclusive play opportunities. The Port is also the only place in the Moshi World where players can obtain the super seeds needed to attract the rarer exclusive Moshlings. The Print Shop is your key to Deco! Located off of Ooh La Lane it is an easy to spot destination you can use to decorate your world! The Puzzle Shop is for Play and Profit!

    Where you solve puzzle and quizzes to earn Rox, the currency of Monstro City. This is where you play the Daily Challenge, was well as many types of quizzes, so find this place and permanently mark its location in your memory, because you will be returning every day! Buying Rare Seeds is the first step to getting Rare Moshlings! A seed store for Members-only where you can purchase the two rarest seeds in the game! This is located in The Port, which is a restricted area. Underground Disco is a mini-game located in the sewers below Monstro City that is guarded by Bubba the Bouncer who lets in only Moshi Members.

    My DD 7 plays on it. She has made loads of friends, but hasn't really received any messages from them, or sent them. She has to tell me when she does get a message so I can see it. It's a fun game which I have been known to play for DD sometimes during the week to keep her Moshi fed and do the daily puzzles to get more rox.

    My 6 year old goes on Moshi MOnsters and has been on club penguin for a couple of years I really wouldn't worry. He got banned from Club Penguin because his brother typed 'fart' in amessage one time I would let your DC go on, but sit beside them for the first few sessions. They are attracted by the fun of it, not the potential for deviousness!

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    Dodgy deals moshi monsters
    Dodgy deals moshi monsters
    Dodgy deals moshi monsters
    Dodgy deals moshi monsters
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