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Trap #1: You didn’t build a strong relationship with the buyer.

"Closing" As A Real Sales Skill Is A Myth

If this is the case, be sure to put yourself into the head of the decision maker so that you can customize your sales pitch to that person's interests, even if they aren't there. Of course, your best-case scenario is that you sit down with the decision maker. Do whatever you can to setup a meeting with that person. A client can sense if you are being genuine during the sales process. In other words, it's important to convey to the client that you care about their business and not just the deal.

Coming off too calculated can turn people off; however, remember that there is nothing wrong with being prepared.

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It's okay to appear like you're ready for every question that comes your way, just simply don't act like you don't care about the customer's best interests. Attach a deadline to the deal to help give the client an incentive to commit. Whether it's a discount or something free, make them feel like they have the upper hand.

This does not mean rush the customer; it simply means try to give them a little extra reason why your product or service is the right choice, and the right choice right now.

Closing the Deal: How English Learners’ Language and Cultural Skills Are an Asset in Business

Preparing the sales presentation to address and overcome potential objections can speed up any deal. If something catches you off-guard, you might need to take some time to think up a solution. In a past Inc. I highly recommend sitting down with your entire sales team and having each person come up with objections they might anticipate. Give them your sales pitch and see if there are any objections you and your team may have missed.

Competing for business is tough. Develop trust with them over time, and demonstrate the value you have to offer them, or any other members at their company. Master the gatekeeper objection : 3 strategies for getting past gatekeepers. Arm your prospect with the information they need to counter any objections they might receive from their team. Master the internal struggle objection : How to pitch your ideas internally. Leave things on a positive note with your contact so that when the coast is clear, they might reach out to you to pick things back up. The larger the businesses you sell to, the more common stakeholder meetings will be.

They slow down the sales process, but can also be powerful sales tools. The trick is getting an invite. Next time your prospect says they need to meet with other decision-makers, find out if you can be present even just over the phone. If this meeting is between all relevant stakeholders, you may be able to close the deal on the spot. Master the other decision-makers objection : B2B sales tips: Internal champions are great, but you sell to decision-makers.

Just ask them who would be the right person to speak to and get their contact information so you can get in touch. Master the lack of authority objection : Finding the right name to call. Know when to walk away. Unfortunately, not every prospect is going to lead to a successful sale. Master the not convinced objection : The 1 thing you need to win every negotiation. See what the requirements are for their buying group. Are they allowed to make separate purchases on their own or are they bound by a contract of some sort?

Master the buying group objection : 8 advantages of purchase groups. Maintaining a confident stance that your product is actually superior, and not letting yourself fall victim to bullying tactics is step one to countering these objections. Step two is finding a concrete example or area in which your product is superior, and proving it to your leads. Your product may be better, but the industry standard is safer. Master the industry standard objection : Startup sales objections: Selling against the incumbent.

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  • Your goal here should be to gather information about their experience with your competitor. Use that information to your advantage to present your product as the superior option. Master the already spoken for objection : How to outcompete your competition by pitching their product. Master the stuck in a contract objection : How to convince your prospects to switch software [video]. Don't fall into the trap of the bully prospect. Their entire mission is to break your confidence and get what they want from you. You already know they're interested in what you're selling no matter what objections they may bring to the table , but they don't think you know that.

    You just need to keep one question in the back of your mind the entire time: What are they still talking to us?

    Sales Closing Techniques: 4 Strategies to Help You Close More Deals

    Master the not good enough objection : How to turn a bully prospect into a paying customer. Similar to 34, even if your prospect is happy using one of your competitors, you can identify areas where your competitor falls short, and in turn, promote your own product as something that would meet the mark.

    Ensure them that those claims are untrue. This presents you with an opportunity to follow up with the prospect with further information. It means following up with something convincing that changes their mind. And, it means not letting yourself get discouraged when it seems like all is lost. Master the firm "NO" objection : Learn to love the "no" and win in sales.

    Be honest about where you got their contact info. Whether they filled out a form on your website a long time ago and had forgotten about it, or you met at a networking event, just give them a gentle reminder that they provided you with their information.

    When a prospect hangs up on you, try calling them back a few minutes later and act confused about your call being disconnected. If they hang up on you again, try reaching out to another person at the same company that might be more willing to chat with you. Master the hang up objection : When a prospect hangs up on you, this is what you need to do. Remember these key tips to turn objections into sales:.

    Stop Selling Start Closing

    So start overcoming objections, and stop letting them overcome you. Create your objection management document, practice your responses, then get out there and crush it. Make more calls with built-in calling.

    Sales Closing Techniques: Talk Less, Ask More

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    Sales Closing Techniques: Plus Points for Opinion

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